MASTER OF SCIENCE IN Finance (MSc in Finance)

The Master of Science in Finance Programme at the University of Macau is taught by the international staff of the Faculty of Business Administration.  It is designed as a series of skill-building courses and character-broadening experiences.  Success in modern finance cannot be possible without solid grasp in analytical skills, our programme is intended to equip the students with demanding quantitative and research skills required in today’s finance.

What you could GAIN from this Programme

The intention is to offer an opportunity to qualified students who also have strong mathematical background to study an advanced degree in Finance.  In addition, students who are in pursuit of higher academic qualifications would be equipped with research capability.

The MSc Finance Programme is designed to equip graduates with advanced knowledge in Finance for
(i) career in the financial industry or finance related section of major corporations in in the commercial gaming, real estates, and insurance industries in Macao and the Greater China,
(ii) preparing the Chartered Financial Analysis (CFA) or Certified Financial Planners (CFP) professional examinations, and
(iii) competitive entry into top regional and international finance PhD Programmes.


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