Debundling Property Rights for Contaminated Properties:  Valuing the Opportunity Cost of the Right to Sell, Using Cumulative Options

Author: Robert A. Simons, Ron Throupe

Start Page: 231
End Page: 252
Volume: 15
Issue Number: 2
Year: 2012
Publication: International Real Estate Review


This paper examines the loss of control of the ability to time the sale or develop property as an intrinsic benefit of the bundle of ownership rights.  This right, proxied by the real option to control property, can be hindered by the existence of contamination.  An empirical analysis of a contaminated site is used to illustrate the cumulative effect of this sell option and a measurement of financial loss. The results of a survey are used to determine the likely value of the real estate option and its effect on the subject property as part of the overall value.  The results suggest a value for the sell (call) option which is dependent on the time before expiration. For the case study and ten year time period used in this research, 27% to 40% of the property value is estimated as the value of the loss in ability to sell.


Bundle of Rights; Hazardous Materials; Option Pricing; Optimal Timing; Option to Sell; Trespass

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