Information Systems-based Real Estate Macrocontrol Systems

Author: Yan Li, Hongling Guo, Heng Li, Yaowu Wang, Feng Wang and Zheren Wang

Start Page: 171
End Page: 192
Volume: 12
Issue Number: 2
Year: 2009
Publication: International Real Estate Review


With the continuous increase of marketization and normalization in the Chinese real estate market, the market mechanism now plays an important role in market regulation. The existing macro-control system for the real estate market, however, appears to lack the ability to regulate it. Thus, an effective and efficient information-oriented tool is needed to guide the development of China’s real estate market. The research reported herein constructs a new macro-control system for this market that is based on information systems, specifically, a real estate warning system, a confidence index system, and a simulation system. This paper first presents the framework of the new information systems-based macro-control system, and its functions are analyzed. The methods of constructing the system are then discussed. Based on these methods, the index systems of the respective information systems are established, and the main models are presented. Finally, a case study that is based on survey data from the Shenzhen real estate market is described to demonstrate the applicability of the new macrocontrol system.

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