General Real Estate Supply and Demand Sources
(Source: Journal of Real Estate Literature, Vol. 9, Num. 2, 2001, pp. 191-199)

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Real Estate Forecasting Reports
Real Estate Market Reports
Real Estate Market Reports

Real Estate Forecasting Reports

CAP Index Inc.


The company rates locations in the U.S. according to its crime risk relative to the national or local average.   Crime risks are calculated in two categories--crimes against persons and crimes against property.
CB Commercial/Torto Wheaton Research CB Commercial's brokerage surveys are used to compute office and industrial market statistics.  These data are provided free of charge and disseminated widely so that they have become the industry standard for vacancy rates.  
REIS Reports REIS provides custom reports for any U.S. market and submarket, and all property types.  It surveys' more than 100,000 buildings per year.  
Real estate Analysis and Planning Service (REAPS) Dodge data is used to: identify bidding/negotiating/product specification growth opportunities, track competition, identify changing construction trends or measure market share and sales performance.
Landauer Real Estate Forecast Landauer Associates maintains a metropolitan area database from a wide variety of published sources on five property types: office, retail, industrial, multifamily rental and hotel.

Real Estate Market Reports

Comparative Statistics of Industrial and Office Real Estate Markets The Society and Landauer Associates, Inc. analyze the results of an annual, nationwide survey of industrial and office real estate market activity in more than 125 industrial and office markets across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and abroad.
ULI Market Profiles ULI produces an annual compendium of market studies by major metropolitan area in the U.S. and some international markets.
National Real Estate Index/Market Monitor This index consists of publication samples:
1. Quarterly Market Report, 
2. Market Monitor, and
3. Market History Reports
Market Source Examines four property types, including office, industrial, retail, multifamily and single-family residential for 30+ metropolitan areas.
NAI Real Estate Planning Guide This report covers 184 U.S. markets, for office, retail and industrial vacancy rates.  Data are collected for downtown and suburban office space; bulk warehouse, manufacturing and high-technology industrial space; downtown, strip center, community and enclosed mall retail space; and sales price per acre of land.

Specialized Real Estate Sources

Business Investment Plans (formerly Plant and Equipment Expenditures) Estimates of private non-farm investment in physical plant and equipment.  Provides statistics on expenditures for new plant and equipment in current dollars for private-non-farm (SIC) groups 10 through 80 on an industry-enterprise basis.
Clayton-Fillmore Reports Reports on the general economy and specific real estate conditions (apartments, office, industrial, retail and single-family).  The reports are:
1. The Clayton-Fillmore report
2.the CF Apartment Reporter Research  
3. The Extended-Stay/Lodging Quarterly Research
4. Custom apartment Reports
Survey of Loan Delinquencies Each issue includes quarterly loan commitments on commercial properties by census region and property type.  Each issue also provides quarterly loan delinquencies as well as foreclosures in the nine census regions for one-to four-family residential, apartment, retail, office, industrial, hotel and motel, and mixed-use properties.
Korpacz Real Estate Investor Survey The survey interviews a cross section of major institutional market participants regarding the cash flow assumptions-free-and-dear-equity IRRS, free-and-clear equity cap rates, market rents, expense growth rates and residual cap rates used to analyze various types of investment opportunities in the U.S.
Real Estate Performance Report This is a survey of total property returns, segmented into income and capital appreciation, for properties acquired on behalf of tax-exempt institutions and held in a fiduciary environment.

U.S. Vacancy Reports

U.S. Vacancy Reports have been produced every quarter since the early 1970s.  They cover the office and industrial sectors of commercial real estate in the major markets of the U.S.

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