Would you like to link to the IRER web site?
By linking to us and displaying the IRER site logo on your home page, visitors to your site are made aware of your professional and scholarly interest in real estate research and matters of significance to the real estate industry.

Linking to Us is Easy!
Save a copy of the above logo, then create a hyperlink to our site from your page. Instructions for the most common platforms are below:

  1. Using Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer, right-click on the logo and choose to save the image when the pop-up menu appears. (On a Macintosh with only one mouse button, click on the logo and wait a moment for the pop-up menu to appear.)
  2. Save the image as irer_logo.gif into the directory you will be accessing later.
  3. Copy the HTML code below to place in your web page.

    <A HREF="https://cbeweb-1.fullerton.edu/finance/journal//"><IMG SRC="irer_logo.gif" Height="60" Width="240"></A>

  4. Save the changes and update your web page!
  5. Tips: It is recommended that the link color be deep red, navy blue, hunter green, or gray. If your page has a dark background, you may consider having a borderless image. Please do not change the image nor resize it.