Application for Outgoing Exchange Programme
Academic Year of 2019 / 2020 (1ST Semester)

Application Period: 14th January – 28th January, 2019
Documents required* :
For undergraduate students:
Upon submission of application: 
1) Application form
2) Self-Graduation checking list (tick all completed courses on the self-graduation checking list form of own major)
3) Study plan (with arrangement plan of own remaining courses in all remaining semesters)
4) Recommendation letter from academic staff (only requried if CGPA is lower than 2.5)
5) English proficiency proof (subject to requirement of desired host institutions)
6) Two personal photos, one copy of valid passport and one copy of 港澳通行證 (only for China students)
To be submitted after the pre-going briefing hosted by FBA: 
7) Learning agreement
8) Course outlines/ syllabi/ description forms (of all courses listed on the learning agreement)


For graduate students:
1) Application form
2) Concurrent transcript
3) English proficiency proof (subject to requirement of desired host institutions)
4) Two personal photos, one copy of valid passport and one copy of 港澳通行證 (only for China students)


* Please check the Guideline of Outgoing Exchange (Before) before you submit your application.

Partner universities option list and language requirement: Here

International Experience

  • Patrick leong
    Branch Manager, AIA Company Ltd.

    .....I really think I made the right choice. In addition to the knowledge I gained from my classes, I had a chance to meet people from different countries and backgrounds. This networking really helped me when I started working in Macau after graduation......

  • Ruby Li
    Exchange to University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

    .....During the study in Denmark, I worked with people from different countries and culture backgrounds. Despite misunderstandings and confusions caused by culture differences, I really appreciated the interesting side and inspirations that people with different cultures brought to the team work or group discussion. A diverse team can always generate more smart and innovative ideas, because people from the sam culture may think in a similar way, but challenged by others, it is easier to think out of the box.....


  • Tang Wanyi
    Exchange to ICN Business School, France

    .....I think the meaning of my exchange is being able to discover various cultures other than just studying. I spent most of my spare time on traveling around Europe alone. I went to more than twelve countries and 30 cities to discover different cultures. After this experience, I had a broad view about Europe and its culture, inspired by those people I met while travelling. I learned a lot of excellent ideas from them, hence I am able to accept different cultures and values. More importantly, I discovered a way to solve problems that enable me to conquer diffculty in the future.....

  • Janice Xiang
    master student, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway

    .....What I have learned from UM is quite international, and that is why the knowledge I acquired is so useful in my current course of study. Many of the things that I have learned at UM are also applicable here in Europe. Thanks to the Professors. The knowledge and experience gained from the BBA program helped me to quickly adapt to my postgraduatee studies.....