Welcome to join the FBA International Exchange Programmes

In today’s increasing global society, there is no better way to learn about another culture than to study abroad. In the Faculty of Business Administration, we provide wonderful opportunities for students to explore abroad. Joining the FBA exchange program earns a lifetime of memorable moments. FBA has organized the exchange program in conjunction with a number of foreign universities since 1991.  Until now, we have active contracts with over 40 partner institutions in around 20 countries. It has been highly popular among both local and international students.  Benefits of studying abroad are not limited to academic learning, but also include personal development. It gives the opportunities to develop intercultural communication skills and experience and improve the foreign language proficiency, which could be profitable to the student’s whole life. Those skills and experience are necessary in enhancing the competiveness in the social workplace. In addition to attending classes in a different environment, students will have chances to meet new friends and tour around the world. This is a new adventure and challenge, come and join today!

Incoming Exchange Students - Photo Gallery

Outgoing Exchange Students - Photo Gallery