About the Business Research and Training Center (BRTC)

The Business Research and Training Center (BRTC) was founded in 1992 as an integral part of the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) of the University of Macau. It is a platform to fulfill the mission of FBA. It aims at providing a platform to promote multidisciplinary business and management research internationally as well as becoming a training and development source for organizations in Macau, Greater Bay Area (GBA) and beyond.

BRTC has two main agendas: to provide world-class multidisciplinary research in business and management area and to provide training for professionals and civil servants and consultancy service. Our core functional areas of business include but not limited to: Accounting and Finance, Financial Management, Corporate Governance, Banking and Wealth Management, Business Economics, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, Strategic Management, International Business, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and Digital Marketing.

Core Members

BRTC will conduct innovative research in the areas of Technology application for accounting and corporate governance, Technology application for banking industry, financial products, fund transfer and economy, Data analytics and decision-making science, Managing organizations in the changing environment, and Digital marketing and consumer behavior SMEs. It is governed by a Board composed of the Dean of Faculty of Business Administration, three deputy directors, and some core members from each department. The core members in research and training programs are listed below.

Director and Deputy Directors

Prof. Jean Jinghan CHEN

Deputy Directors:
Prof. Lianjie SHU (Research)
Prof. Peng Chun VONG (Training)
Prof. Steven Xu ZHANG (Executive Programs)

Research Prof. Jason Zezhong XIAO
Dr. Tony Zhenjiang QIN
Prof. Xinhua GU
Prof. Grace FU
Prof. Zhaotong LIAN
Prof. Raymond Chi Ho LOI
Prof. Lida Lingling ZHANG
Training Prof. Guoqiang LI
Dr. Henry LEI
Prof. Ricardo SIU
Prof. Jacky HONG
Prof. Jason Zezhong XIAO