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City Guide of Macao

Macao has a modern infrastructure including an international airport, an attractive quality of life, an abundance of ethnic restaurants, quaint old, exciting streets with a plethora of original shops, Chinese Ming and Qing dynasty furniture, ceramics and china, traditional Chinese medicine, snake and dried fish, etc. beautifully restored Portuguese style buildings, quiet, scenic islands with beaches and parks, many modern international hotels, and modern communication systems.

Macao has a well-established public transport network connecting the Macao Peninsula, Cotai, Taipa Island and Coloane Island. Buses and taxis are the major modes of public transport in Macao. Currently three companies, namely Nova Era, Transmac and Transportas Companhia de Macau, operate franchised public bus services in Macao.

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CityGuide of Macau CityGuide of Macao: Macao Government Official site provides information of local weather, transportation, public services and leisure activities.

Last Modified: 12 February, 2015