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Terms of appointment

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1. Terms of Appointment
The first appointment shall be, at maximum, for a period of 2 years.

2. Renewal of Appointment
The appointment may be further renewed by mutual consent and subject to satisfactory performance, by a maximum of 3 years in accordance with other regulations.

3. Remuneration
The taxable remuneration level is commensurate with the appointee's academic qualifications, current position, and professional experience. The value of the index point is subject to periodic review and adjustment by the legislature.

4. Professional Taxation
The Macao SAR Government is adopting a progressive taxation system for professionals. Although the current maximum tax rate is 12% of annual income, the effective income tax rate, after various discretionary exemptions (which is subject to annual review by relevant authorities), is around 5-7%.

5. Working Hours
Appointees other than workers and helpers shall carry a normal load of 36 hours per week.

6. Outside Practice
The appointee shall not engage in outside practice for reward without the prior written approval from the Rector. As prohibited by laws, a non-Macao Resident (i.e. work permit holder) shall not engage in paid practice outside the University of Macau.

7. Base of Operation
The appointee will be based in the campus(es) of the University of Macau which is/are situated in places under the Macau SAR Government’s jurisdiction.

8. Employment Visa, Work Permit and Stay Permit of Family Members
Staff members who are not residents of Macao have to obtain the "Work Permit" from the Immigration Department of Macao with the approved employment visa from the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) in order to stay and work in Macao. In addition, the spouse and dependent children of the staff members, who are not working in Macao but wish to stay in Macao, are required to apply for a "Stay Permit". Visitors are not allowed by law to work in Macao without an employment visa. Therefore the University cannot permit the commencement of contract unless an employment visa is obtained.

Staff members may also apply for Macao residency by themselves subject to the relevant conditions and laws in force. You may find a list of the documents required for residency application below.

  • Completed application form
  • Original and two copies of the passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate issued within the previous six months
  • Certificate of No Criminal Conviction issued within the previous six months
  • Identity Card of Non-Resident Worker-TI/TNR (Blue Card) (original and one copy)
  • One recent black and white or colour photo with a white background (1.5” x 1.5”)
  • Original and three copies of the certificate of the highest level of education attained
  • Curriculum Vitae (original and two copies)
  • Proof of professional qualifications or certificates of relevant professional training (original and two copies) e.g. Medical registration and license
  • Employment contracts or documents of a similar nature (original and three copies)
  • The original job description issued by the current or prospective employer
  • The original letter of employment issued by the current or prospective employer
  • Professional Tax Registration/Alterative Form (Form M/2) issued by the Finance Services Bureau

For details over the specification or updates of the documents required, you may visit


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Last Modified: 9 January, 2017