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1. Annual Leave
The appointee shall be entitled to an annual leave of 22 working days proportional to the service provided in the previous calendar year. An academic staff member shall take annual leave during summer recess or other recess periods which do not affect the teaching duties.


2. Academic Leave
The appointee may be granted mainly 3 types of academic leave below:

  • Research and Conference Leave:
    - for attending, or participating in, an academic or professional conference, congress or other learned meeting;
    - for engaging in research activities.

Aspects such as relevance of the leave to the academic profile and expertise of the staff member, potential contribution or benefit to the academic unit, the availability and quality of manpower for teaching substitution, and performance record of the staff member shall be taken into account in assessing their research and conference leave applications.

  • Sabbatical Leave:
    - Professors, Associate Professors or Assistant Professors with completion of three-year service in the University are eligible for the application of sabbatical leave to facilitate their academic expertise through research, scholarly or pedagogical activities.
  • Study Leave:
    - Paid study leave: for oral defense on doctoral or master degree programmes;
    - No-pay study leave: for studying doctoral degree programmes.

3. Marriage Leave
An unmarried appointee who has completed 90 days of service in the University shall be entitled up to 10 working days of marriage leave within a period of 180 days. Marriage leave can be taken intermittently, but one of the leave periods shall not be less than 5 consecutive working days.

4. Maternity Leave
A female married appointee shall be entitled up to 90 days of maternity leave, upon completion of one year of service in the University.

5. Paternity Leave
A male married appointee shall be entitled to 5 working days of paternity leave, on the occasion of the birth of his child.

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Last Modified: 9 January, 2017