Use of the University Identity

  1. Our Emblem
  2. Our Logo
  3. Our Colours
  4. Our Websites
  5. Our PPT Presentations
  6. Our Stationery

A. Our Emblem
The university emblem is a registered trademark and is reserved for official uses only. Whenever the emblem is used, please make sure it is in sufficiently high quality and resolution. For permission to use the emblem, please contact the Communications Office for further information.

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B. Our Logo
The university logo is the principal identity that represents the university, so whenever the image of the university is presented to external parties, the logo should be used. Normally vertical version is recommended, unless it is necessary to cater to specific design needs, in which case horizontal version can be used. Consistent and correct use of the logo will help reinforce the brand image of the university. When you are using the university logo, please make sure the following guidelines are followed:

  1. The logo must be used as originally designed and proportioned
  2. The emblem and the name of the university in Chinese (澳門大學), Portuguese (Universidade de Macau) and English (University of Macau) must not be separated and should be in specified font, size, colour and space.
  3. The logo should not be modified under any circumstances other than to scale the image while maintaining its aspect ratio.
  4. The logo must not be smaller than the specified minimum size.
  5. The background of the shield on the emblem must be white when the full-colour versions are used, regardless of the background colour.
  6. The background of the shield on the emblem must be transparent when the monotone versions are used (i.e. the reverse typed version, gold foil-blocked version, and silver foil-blocked version)
  7. The details on the emblem (including those on the shield) must be clear when the logo is scaled for printing (full-colour or monotone) or embossing.

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Vertical Version Horizontal Version
Minimum Size Requirement

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Full colour
The emblem in full colour, while the word-mark in University Blue (Pantone 295), or in white is acceptable, when catering to design.

The monotone unshaded emblem with word-mark in black, or in white, is acceptable, when catering to the background colour.

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Use of the against Different Background Colours

Tip 1: The university logo should be in white when it is used against a deep-coloured background

Tip 2: The university logo should be in black when it is used against a light-coloured background

Tip 3: The university logo should be in monotone when embossed or foil-blocked on the materials

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Use of the University Logo by Various Faculties/Departments/Units Colours

The university logo should always be used as originally designed and proportioned. When you use the university logo along with the name of your faculty/department/unit, please make sure the following guidelines are followed:

  1. There should be a space equalling the emblem width (logo distance) between the university logo and the name of your faculty/department/ unit in order to make the university logo more prominent
  2. When the university logo and the logo of another institution are used together, there should be a logo distance between the two logos

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C. Our Colours
Colour alone can help strengthen the university’s brand and build awareness, so it is critical that the University Colours are accurately and consistently applied in all media across the university.

University Logo Standard Colours consist of University Blue (Pantone PMS 295), University Red (Pantone PMS 485) and University Gold (Pantone PMS 871).

University Blue is the Primary Colour of our university. University Red and University Gold are the Primary Support Colours.

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Colour variations based on the Standard Colours (including Primary Colour and Primary Support Colours) are allowed to cater to specific design needs and to ensure best presentation of the logo in different media. These colour variations are referred to as Secondary Colours.To learn more about the applications of secondary colours, please refer to the University of Macau Logo Manual.

* Please note that Secondary Colours may not be used on the university logo.

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D. Our Websites
Our websites not only play an important role in providing visitors with information, they are also, in many cases, where a visitor gets his or her first impression of our university. For these reasons, thoughtful consideration should be given to the design and content of your website. Various faculties, departments, student organizations, and their affiliates are responsible for the quality of the content and appearance of their websites as well as communicating the values of the university.

You can find the guidelines for webpage layout and content in the Download Area, where you can also find the University of Macau Logo Manual.

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E. Our PPT Presentations

Presentations not only reflect our professionalism and knowledge, they can also reflect on the university as a whole. As such, we encourage our faculty, staff and students to use the University PowerPoint (PPT) to make presentations, especially to external parties. By doing so, a sense of consistency will be delivered to your audience.

For your convenience, we have created a set of PowerPoint (PPT) templates with various themes for you to download in the Download Area.

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F. Our Stationery

To ensure consistency in the design and use of the university logo, letterhead, envelopes, memos and business cards bearing the university logo and word-marks are exclusively produced by the University of Macau. Stationery items can be purchased via the Procurement Section of the Finance Office. You can find the samples in the Download Area.

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